We’ve all heard the expression, “Content is king” and although, today, most content is created for digital consumption, we still believe in the power of print. We work with artists, photographers, businesses, and any professional looking for another outlet to share their content.

We design, format, print, distribute and sell high-end, gallery-quality printed books. As an author, you would be fully involved throughout the process to ensure your content remains YOUR content. Unlike traditional publishers, our authors retain 100% ownership and receive 100% of their royalties.

We are fully committed to creating the highest quality books that maintain the integrity of the artist’s work. Our eight-color offset printing process accurately reproduces rich colors, down to the finest detail. We even provide the option to proof your work at our printing facility.

  • Books

    As an author, you will be fully involved throughout the entire process to ensure that your content remains YOUR content and that your work truly captures your unique style. Our authors receive personalized, top of the line, white-glove treatment catered to their unique goals.

    We certainly don’t believe that one size fits all—especially when it comes to art. We are fully committed to creating the highest quality books that maintain the integrity of the artist’s work. 

  • Art

    This flagship studio is a first-of-its-kind, commission-free art studio that highlights artists, their work, and their books.

    With rotating art, we’re a melting pot for artists from all over the United States; from painters to photographers and sculptors to videographers.

    Our mission is simple: We want to reinvent the art gallery concept by creating an approachable space that promotes artists and allows them to keep 100% of their profits.

    We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey!

  • Studio

    Enjoy a private art gallery experience in our studio located right on Mass Ave. Book a date night or enjoy some art and wine with a small gathering of friends.

    - 2 hours of private studio access for up to 8 people

    - Complimentary bottle of wine

    - Bluetooth speaker available for personal music playlist

    - Catering options available (just ask!)

    We are located one block from the Bottleworks Hotel and the Garage Food Hall.